If I start listing what I have learned from my Guru, the list will be endless.  My intent in this short weekly reminder is not to disclose the spiritual mysteries unfolded by my Divine Master but to outline the secular lessons I have learned from him.  These, I trust, will be of great use to you also.
Be punctual.  Plan on being on time.  Work on being punctual.  My Guru was highly recognized and respected.  People expected to wait for him and would have been happy to do so, but he did not make anyone wait.  He woke up on time; ate on time; slept on time; conducted visits on time and kept his appointments.
Trust young people.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking that the younger generation is careless and lazy.  My Guru trusted very important works such as running a charitable hospital, an entire Ashram as well as charitable educational institutions, to very young devotees.  I have learned from my Master that young people will do the job well because you trusted them with it.  They will give you their best.
Give it your all.  Take pride in a job well done.  Whether your duty is to sweep the road, washing dishes, cooking food or giving a lecture, you must give it your best.  You must strive to do it well.  My Guru always praised a job well done, no matter how small the job may be.
Be humble.  The greater the individual, the more humble he is.  Just as a tree laden with fruit bends its branches, so I saw my Guru being extremely humble and down-to-earth despite being full of divine wisdom and knowledge.  He spoke the village dialect with the villagers; sat down at the level of devotees, and listened carefully to what even a small child had to say.
Have a sense of humour.  You are never too important to laugh at yourself.  My Guru won hearts in many ways, including through his self-deprecating sense of humour.  It was refreshing to see someone so highly regarded as being humorous to the extent that he was able to poke fun at his own importance.


Didi Ji