Everyone is in a position to give. Some can give more; some can give less.
God does not consider how much you give away but how much you hold back.
A billion dollar donation by the multibillionaire is equal to a dollar's donation by the beggar.
The benefit of charity for the giver is directly proportionate to the person receiving the charity.
True charity is done in secret. The giver must not want anyone to know what he is giving.
Charity is instrumental in detaching the mind from the material world.
You must not wait until you have more until you start giving. Give immediately from what you have.
The fickle mind may decide not to give tomorrow. So, give today.
Give as much as you can, and then give some more.
When giving, take a cue from your Divine Father who never tires of giving.
Abundance of grace awaits the one who gives abundantly.
Give today; think about it tomorrow.
Giving charity is your birthright. Exercise it!


Didi Ji