Don't be fooled into thinking that.....

Failures make you a 'loser.'
Many have launched a new and improved version of themselves after a mega failure.
Success comes to a select few who are favored by God.
Although God's grace is imperative, yet hard work and determination are absolutely essential for success.
The world came into being from a big bang.
Big bangs, such as those created by bombs, result in chaos and confusion. This beautiful and orderly creation is a masterpiece of the Master of masters.
Money is evil.
By itself, money is never evil. However, some definitely make evil use of it.
Need and Greed are one and the same.
Needs can be met while Greed is insatiable.
You do not matter.
You are extremely important to so many people in your life.
The good that you do, goes unnoticed and unrewarded.
No good deed goes unnoticed. The reward will show up when you least expect it from the most unlikely place.


Didi Ji