There is a deep seated sorrow within our heart. We all try to get rid of it one way or another. Some go shopping and surround themselves with things to find relief. Some turn to chain smoking, alcohol and drugs. Some go on a vacation. But these treatments do not seem to help. The void keeps getting bigger. The sorrow keeps growing.
The reason behind our sadness is that we have gotten away from our true nature. We are spiritual beings trying to find fulfillment through material things. We must understand who we truly are and to whom we belong.
We are a combination of Body and Soul. For the purpose of the body we need things of the material world. Who can deny the importance of food, water, clothing and shelter? We need material things to satisfy the needs of the material body. Why do we forget that we are the divine soul, which is an eternal energy of the Supreme? Only God can fulfill the soul, not the material world.
Never mind that most people are running towards the world and worldly things to find satisfaction. Observe them and see if they are receiving what they truly want. A content individual is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least. Use the world only as much as you need for the fulfillment of basic needs. Take a look at God who is all-pervading. Pay attention to Him, and He will surely take away the sorrow and suffering from your heart.


Didi Ji