In theory you say that God is all-knowing, all-pervading and all-powerful. You also accept that there is no well-wisher greater than God. On a practical level you have seen and experienced many of His graces in life. He has saved you countless times from harm and has provided unlimited inspiration. When you were down, He was the one who lifted you. When you were falling, He was the one who caught you in His loving arms.
Then why do you lack faith? Why do you become frightened and nervous? What is the reason behind your doubts? Why do you think He has forsaken you?
Do you not know that He hears even the footsteps of a tiny ant? Do you not know that He sees even the smallest creature and dwells within it? He has countless eyes and unlimited ears. If not He, then who knows what you have need of? Why do you worry unnecessarily?
Trust His decisions. He sees the full picture, whereas you see only part of it. Put yourself in the hands of the Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent one and allow Him to steer the chariot of your life.


Didi Ji