What are we really eating and drinking these days?  Have you checked the ingredients?  How much sugar went into the soft drink that your child just gulped down?  What is corn syrup?  What are those ingredients whose names you cannot pronounce?  How much salt is there in your favorite brand of potato chips?  What goes into the making of sports drinks?  Is it really fruit juice you are offering your child, or is it a fruit drink with only 10% real juice?
You do not need to give me the answers to these questions.  You must give them to yourself.  Be fully aware of what you are putting into your mouth.  How many chemicals are you ingesting every day?  Is the fake butter really as good as the real thing?  And just why is it better than the real thing?
Have you ever wondered why fast food is so cheap?  When did they prepare that food?  Who prepared it?  What nutritional value does it have?  What is the reason behind so many diseases we are suffering from?  Why do so many children have a peanut allergy?  Why are we eating food that is genetically modified?  Do we really believe that our food choices have nothing to do with our physical health?   
Should we not find out what is in the products we are using?  Can we substitute the harmful chemical laden cleaning products with natural things such as baking soda and vinegar?  Have we become advanced or just plain stupid?  Why are we not paying more attention to what we are eating, drinking and using?
Read the labels.  If the package has a long list of unfamiliar ingredients, take the time to find out what they are.  Look for healthy substitutes for the unhealthy snacks and foods.  Use the various learning tools you have at your disposal to make more intelligent choices.
Get smart!  Be aware!


Didi Ji