We are all unique individuals, desiring different things in life. Even so, there are some desires that are common to each one of us. Regardless of gender, nationality, color, religion, age, height, weight, level of education, financial status and political views, we all desire happiness, immortality, knowledge, freedom and power.
We seek happiness through all our actions. We eat, sleep, laugh, cry, stand, sit and sleep just so that we may become happy. We want to receive happiness; this is why we talk to others. This is the reason people marry and even divorce. Happiness is the reason we get out of bed every morning and go to sleep at night.
We also want immortality. Although we are aware of our own mortality, we secretly plan on never dying.   
Similarly, we desire knowledge. With this goal in mind, we read books, newspapers, journals and magazines. We also browse the internet and observe others. 
And who can deny that we desire power and freedom? Millions have given up lives for the sake of freedom; many have risked life and limb to gain power. 
When we look deeply at the five desires of every individual, we come to understand that they can be reduced to just one: Happiness. We desire immortality for the sake of happiness. Knowledge is dear to us because we expect it to provide us with happiness. Freedom fighters are truly fighting for happiness, not for freedom. And power is also dear to us because we expect it to make us happy.


Didi Ji