The idea of detaching yourself from the world seems frightening and impossible. It brings about visions of the spouse and children sobbing bitterly and grabbing on to your neck, arms and legs as you coldheartedly try to 'detach' yourself and make your way out the door. In short, the concept of detaching yourself is nothing short of a nightmare.
To understand and practice detachment, you must first detach yourself from the misconception of detachment. In order to truly renounce the word, you must first renounce the very idea of renunciation.
Detachment means the absence of attachment, and attachment is of two types: love and hatred. Therefore, detachment from the world means neither loving nor hating the world you live in. Many think detachment to be hatred. But if you hate the world, you are still attached to it, and this defeats the purpose.
To detach yourself, attach your mind to God. Meditate on God lovingly. Your mind will gradually start loving Him, and when the mind starts to focus lovingly on God, it will naturally detach itself from the material world. This is natural detachment. You will then live in the world very comfortably, performing your duty towards family all the while being attached to God.


Didi Ji