Body and Soul are very different from one another. While the body is made of flesh, bones and other material elements, the soul is a divine entity; a part and parcel of God. Body receives satisfaction and nourishment from the material world. Soul seeks nourishment from God and devotion.
We are a combination of body and soul. Body is the servant, while Soul is the master. All the parts of our body are constantly striving to serve their master. Eyes try to see all the beautiful things, people and places of the world only for the purpose of pleasing the soul. Ears try to hear all the beautiful sounds the world has to offer with the view to make the soul happy. Likewise, the tongue wishes to taste all possible delicacies for the sake of the soul. Skin desires the touch of everything soft because it is attempting to make the soul happy. Nose desires to inhale various fragrances available in the world.

Although the body is constantly attempting to please the soul using things of the material world, it does not succeed in its efforts. Things of the world certainly bring temporary happiness but fail to satisfy the soul permanently.
The knowledgeable individual takes care of his body and performs his duty towards family and society, and at the same time he feeds the soul by worshipping God. For the sake of the soul he looks beyond the material world and makes inquiries in order to know and love the all-pervading Creator.


Didi Ji