The word 'Guru' has made its way into the English lexicon, but the true meaning of the word eludes many. For this reason there are 'technology gurus', 'fashion gurus,' 'financial gurus' and the like. The word 'Guru' does not simply mean an 'expert.' It means so much more.
Hindu scriptures define 'Guru' as 'destroyer of ignorance.' They define 'Guru' as 'giver of true knowledge.' Guru is someone who possesses theoretical knowledge of all the scriptures of the world. You may ask how this is possible. Indeed, this is impossible for a worldly man, but not for someone who has become divine due to having attained a union with God. Guru is one who has a practical experience of God. He is someone who has received divine knowledge and divine powers from God by surrendering completely to God.
Guru is a teacher of the highest caliber, for he gives knowledge of God, the highest and greatest of all personalities. He is a divine being in the form of a human being.
Unfortunately, there seems to be more teachers than students in the world today. There seem to be more 'gurus' than disciples. In the midst of all the confusion a genuine seeker of true knowledge need not be disillusioned. If he prays to God from his heart for a true Guru and teachings of a true Guru, he is sure to succeed in finding the true path to God.


Didi Ji