If you have started recognizing the self to be the soul, you have stepped on to the spiritual path. You have most likely started to follow some method which helps you to keep God in mind. This is the medication you are taking to combat the disease of ignorance. Besides taking this medicine, you must also take precautions. I am listing a few of them, not in any order of priority.
  • Starve your desires by making minimal use of the world. Contrary to popular misconception, retail therapy neither heals the mind nor feeds the spirit. The more you have, the more you want. Make do with as little as possible.
  • Speak little, and speak sweetly. Words can cause great harm to the speaker as well as the listener. You can cut down on your talking by simply thinking before you speak. If you must say something, say it gently and sweetly.
  • Do not be inquisitive about worldly matters. There is no need for you to know which neighbor lost how much money and how badly he invested. How does it help you to know who said what and exactly what was said?
  • Treat your mind as an enemy. The mind is spoiled, and finds it comfortable to sleep late; wake up late; eat the wrong foods; watch meaningless shows on television. On top of all this, it creates very creative excuses to hide its own faults and pretend that it is your friend. Do not allow your mind to fool you.
  • Make an attempt to see God in everyone and everything. It is not enough to think of God at a scheduled time every day. You must try to experience His presence everywhere at all times.
  • Do not allow pride to rear its ugly head. It is not uncommon for a seeker to become proud of his devotional practice. Remember that humility is the foundation that supports the palace of devotion.


Didi Ji