Some people earn a lot but spend more than they earn. Not only are they unable to save, they end up incurring a large debt. Some people earn a little, but manage to save a substantial amount over a period of time. These individuals spend a lot less than they earn. They are wiser of the two.

Just as it is with material wealth, devotional wealth must be earned more and more, while we make an effort to spend (waste) less and less of it. We must protect our devotional wealth vigorously, not giving in to the vices that steal it away from us.

Suppose you have meditated on God for half an hour. Consider this to be your earning. When you gossip with a coworker, family member or a neighbor, you are spending. By thinking kind and good thoughts you accumulate spiritual wealth, but lose it all by criticizing others and by bringing impure thoughts into the mind.

To maximize spiritual earning you must do two things. First, think good and Godly thoughts. Secondly, take care not to spend too much. Take precautions. Do not read literature that will rob you of pure thoughts. Refuse to watch damaging material via, movies, TV and the internet. Do not eat food that will encourage worldly thoughts. Do not spend time with people who will affect your mind negatively.

Protect your earnings.


Didi Ji