No person is completely good, just as no individual is completely bad. Even the best person has flaws, and even the worst sinner has virtues. We like to categorize people as being good or bad, but we have both virtue and vice within us. The trick is to defeat the bad and encourage the good to flourish.

To develop good and virtuous qualities within, we must turn towards God, who is the source of these qualities. All the traits we admire in others and that we wish to have within are Godly traits. God is infinitely merciful and compassionate, and compassion is a trait we value greatly. God is gentle, forgiving and loving. We are drawn towards these qualities. God is unlimited knowledge and happiness, and we all wish to be happy and knowledgeable.

Good and bad dwell within our mind. To fill the mind with goodness, we need to concentrate on the one with unlimited goodness. By reminding ourselves deliberately of God's omnipresence, we automatically bring His divine qualities within. Our mind becomes calmer, more peaceful, more compassionate, more tolerant and more forgiving. Our actions, therefore, start to reflect what is in our mind.

The festival of Dusshehra reminds us of Ram and Ravan. Ram represents good and Ravan represents evil. The killing of Ravan represents the victory of good over evil.

May we all become victorious in our internal fight against evil.


Didi Ji