Life is not to be regarded as something that takes a random shape as you stand on the sidelines as a helpless observer.  Instead of being a passive bystander, be proactive.  A plan has to be carefully executed on a daily basis.  It's not enough to wish to be a car-driver; you must take action and enroll in driving class.  You will not become an athlete simply by wishing you could be one.  You need to go outdoors and participate in various sports.  
A woman said to me that she desperately wanted to learn how to play the dholak (Indian drum).  After teaching her the basics I instructed her to practice every day, which she agreed to do.  Visiting me a few weeks later she complained that though she really wished she could play the dholak well, she just could not.  Since she was very musically inclined, I couldn't understand why this was so.  I asked, "How much time do you spend in practice every day?"  She answered sheepishly, "I haven't really practiced at all."
This woman wished she could play the dholak, but didn't understand the importance of practice.  If only there were a fairy godmother who would make all our wishes come true!  
If you want something in life, you must have a plan and act accordingly.  This is not to say you will definitely get what you want.  You may or may not get what you wish, but at least you have a 50-50 chance.  Simply wishing for something is not enough.
Unless you have a fairy godmother.


Didi Ji