Suppose this was the last day of your life. What would you do? How would you behave? What will you think? Would you continue to hold grudges against your sister, brother, neighbour, boss and co-workers? Would you tell lies? Would you speak harsh words? Would you spend the last few hours of your life criticizing others unabashedly? Would you be at your worst? Of course you wouldn't.

More than likely, you would gather family members and tell them how much you love them. You would try to mend the broken relationships with fellow human beings and perhaps even with God. You would seek forgiveness. Suddenly every single person you have encountered in life would seem to be a wonderful human. You would let go of anger, pride and hatred. In short, you would be at your best.

It is a known fact that we tend to pull up our socks at the last moment. Students study more diligently close to exam time. Essays get written the day before they are to be handed in. Presentations are finalized at the last moment. The house gets cleaned up right before the party. Likewise, we become our best in the last few hours of our life. Keeping human nature in mind, it would serve us well to regard every day as our final day on earth. Then we would not take our good fortune for granted. We would get our priorities straight. We would not waste time getting angry at others; nor would we harm ourselves by thinking ill of them. There would be no procrastination.

Do regard this as your final day on earth.


Didi Ji