Simple pleasures of life are the best pleasures.  They are the ones that cost nothing, or very little.  They involve nature, friends, family, feelings and emotions.  It's a pleasure to even note down some of them.  So, here they are:

•  Taking a walk after a rain shower  
•  Smelling the earth after the rain  
•  Watching snow falling on the ground  
•  Reading a good book  
•  Driving in the countryside 
•  Going on a picnic 
•  Friday evenings (knowing there is no school or work for the next 2 days) 
•  Getting a hug from a child 
•  Seeing the look of wonder on a child's face 
•  Laughing till you cry 
•  Watching a funny movie 
•  Falling asleep on a long flight 
•  Resisting temptation 
•  Sleeping with the breeze coming through the window 
•  Smelling fresh laundry 
•  Eating your favorite food 
•  Listening to thunder from the safety of your cozy room 
•  Being warm on a cold night 
•  Listening to your favourite music 
•  Getting together with old friends 
•  Giving a gift, big or small 
•  Learning something you thought you could never learn 
•  Finishing a difficult exam 
•  Eating chocolate
Enjoy these and many more simple pleasures of life.  Then, thank God for them.


Didi Ji