We say goodbye to those we lost last year, and say hello to the ones joining us in the New Year. The comings and goings serve as a reminder that our stay here is temporary and that we may be forced to leave any moment. Those we meet in life are like fellow passengers who leave us when their time comes. We too will have to leave others behind one day.

As we look back at our journey of life, we ask ourselves some questions. Where did the years go? Really; where did they go? We were just little children, playing with our toys and without a worry in the world. When did we become young, then middle-aged, and now old? When did the hair turn grey? When did the bones become brittle? When did the memory become so poor? When did the skin become wrinkled?

The new year is here so fresh and full of possibilities. It's arrival brings hope and rejuvenation to the world. It inspires us to cultivate the innocence of a child. It inspires us to see beauty in the midst of ugliness, and hope in the midst of devastation. It helps us to see the goodness in people when it is very difficult to do so. It encourages us to use each and every precious moment of the entire year mindfully.

Welcome, New Year.


Didi Ji