The world has known many conquerors famed for their great victories and conquests. Of the many kinds of conquests, none is greater than conquest of the mind. Gaining control of the mind is the biggest accomplishment of a human. All New Year resolutions point to conquest of the mind. The resolution to lose weight and become healthier is in fact a resolution to conquer the mind. The resolution to quit smoking or drinking is in reality a resolution to gain victory over the mischievous mind. 

The first step is to understand that our mind is the most dangerous enemy we have. We do not have enemies on the outside. Oh no! Our enemy is hiding inside of us, and we treat it as our best friend and trusted advisor. We bow externally to the teachings of a perfect God and His perfect scriptures, yet inwardly put the corrupt mind on the pedestal and worship it wholeheartedly.

The next step is to become defiant. Do the opposite of what the mind tells you to do. Become stubborn with the mind. If you submit to it, it will keep you dancing. Make the mind dance to your tune. 

My Spiritual Master used to give the example of a monkey and its trainer. To train a monkey, the trainer ties the monkey’s neck to a 100-foot long rope. The monkey tries to run and jump beyond 100 feet, but the rope chokes the monkey’s neck. Because of the choking pain, the monkey resigns to jumping within 100 feet. At this point the trainer reduces the rope’s length to 50 feet. Reducing the length of the rope further length, when the trainer reduces the length of the rope to just one foot, the monkey decides to sit quietly rather than struggle. 

The monkey is our mind, and the rope is remembrance of God and His laws. Continue to shorten the rope further and further until the mind resolves to sit quietly and obey commands.


Didi Ji