If you are looking for a perfect exercise, look no further. Just walk. Walking is the best exercise and much more. There is no need for any gadget or equipment. It can be done anywhere by people of all ages. Over the years I have experienced many benefits from the simple act of walking, and have become an ardent devotee.

Walking exercises every part of the body. It is low impact; easier on the knees than jogging and running. You can walk fast, slow or retain a medium pace. But walking is no sissy either. If you wish to take it to the next step, you can attach weights to your ankles or hold them in your hands.

They who walk soon discover that this pleasurable exercise clears the head and defogs the brain. Do you have a problem? Go for a walk. Feeling down? Take a walk in the park. You will calm down considerably and the problem will not seem so serious. Not only this, the solution starts becoming obvious.

Walking is never boring. There is so much to think of and observe. But if you get bored, take your iPhone or iPod along. Put a spring in your walk by simultaneously listening to your favorite music. Enjoy your walk. And if you wish to hold a meaningful conversation with a person, go for a walk together in a natural setting. 

Walking has been given more respect than other exercises. Nik Wallenda ‘walked’ across Niagara Falls a few days ago. He did not run or jog. No. He walked. If you do not like a job or a situation, you never jog or swim away. You ‘walk’. To understand the other guy, you need to ‘walk’ in his shoes. No need to sprint. You just walk in his shoes.

So…..take a walk….but please take your own shoes!


Didi Ji