Dear readers, this is a story of faith told by my Guru, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. I am sharing it in hopes that it will move you and inspire greater faith within.

There once lived a very innocent and simple hearted man who was greatly devoted to God. While most people regard the Supreme as an intangible entity, this man visualized God to be near him at all times. He had no knowledge of scriptures but had unshakable faith in God. He accepted all that transpired in his life to be a result of divine grace.

One day the man visited a temple in the neighborhood. When he saw the priest performing rituals before the image of God, he was greatly moved. He said to the priest, “Sir, you are so close to God. You must see Him every day. Does He speak with you?” The priest was taken aback, but answered, “Oh yes! I speak with him every day.” “Then kindly ask him if he likes the way I pray to Him.” The priest promised that he would do so. He asked the man to return the following day.

The next day the man rushed to the temple and asked the priest what answer God had given. The priest said, “God has not liked any prayer you have ever uttered.” Hearing these words, the man started to dance with joy. The priest said, “My good man! You perhaps did not hear me properly. I said that God has not liked any of your prayers so far.”

“I heard you correctly,” replied the man. The priest asked, “Why are you so happy hearing this?”

The man said, “I am an insignificant person, whereas He is the Supreme Lord of countless worlds. Yet He is so merciful and compassionate that every time I pray in my simple way He listens. Otherwise, He could not have decided that He does not like any one of my prayers.”

How beautiful is this faith!


Didi Ji