There are two types of people: they who only complain, and they who take action. These two types exist in every work place, group, school, friend circle and organization. The complainer whines loudly, "This place is filthy," while the doer quietly grabs a broom and sweeps the place clean. The complainer says, "Kids today are just hopeless," while the doer volunteers time and services as a youth counselor and mentor. The complainer says, "It simply cannot be done." The doer goes ahead and does it anyway. The complainer is busy criticizing while the doer is busy doing. The world today has a surplus of complainers and a shortage of doers. So be a doer. And don't be afraid of being judged and criticized. Learn from your critics, draw strength from them and forge ahead. If you are easily distracted from your work due to criticism, then you do not really believe in what you are doing. If you are sure you are doing the right thing, then learn from the criticism directed at you, and emerge stronger. Saint Tulsidas says, "Regard praise as poison and criticism as nectar." There is a much greater scope to learn from the critic than from the admirer. Many people are like crabs in a bucket. If one of the crabs tries to climb out, the other crabs get angry and pull him down. They do not want him to escape. Likewise, you will come across many who will try to pull you down if you wish to improve your lot in life. Perhaps you wish to pursue higher studies, or get better grades, or change your profession, or become a professional singer, or follow the spiritual path. You can be certain that peers and members of the community will do their utmost to discourage you and keep you down. They will tell you why it cannot be done and why you are a fool to even try. The biggest critic, however, lives inside of you. It's your mind that tells you that you will never succeed. Learn to override this critic and success will be yours. So, what are you doing today?


Didi Ji