Though we are not all-knowing, yet it’s not very difficult to spot a fake smile, a half-hearted handshake, or a false compliment. Of course we cannot be 100% genuine, but being true to yourself is the right thing to do, and it is the easy thing to do. There is no problem in being yourself, but there is a great deal of effort involved in being something you are not. 

What does it mean to be genuine? It means many things. It means that if you don’t know the answer to a question, just say so. If you make something up, you will lose credibility and self-respect. It also means that you don’t flip-flop depending on who is with you or where you happen to be at the time. Don’t say ‘yes’ because the person with you wants to hear it; say it because you mean it. Another aspect of being genuine is being true to your word. Do not make promises you cannot keep, but once you have made a promise, be true to your word.

Being genuine also extends to not denying your cultural heritage, your religion, your family background, your mother tongue and your beliefs. You may not like your family background or your past, but you should not deny it. Many people go to great lengths to make their skin color lighter, and they prefer to befriend only those who are of the ‘right’ color. We should be comfortable in our skin, literally and figuratively.

Others may try to change you to make you ‘fit in.’ If you are trying to fit into a social group that goes completely against what you believe in, you will eventually feel miserable. 

Be true to yourself. Be genuine.


Didi Ji