We are accustomed to being somewhere else rather than being in the here and now. While eating our meal we watch T.V. Consequently, we don't appreciate what we are eating or realize how much we are eating. While talking on the phone we take the opportunity to check our email, or read the newspaper. Afterwards, we cannot remember the conversation we had for ten minutes. In a meeting, many perfect the art of doodling. While driving, some like to take a nap; which has been proven to be a bad idea. 
People go on a vacation with the view to enjoy the present. But the vacationer is often focused on the future. While on the beach, he is thinking about where to have lunch. While having lunch, he is thinking about checking out the museum. While others 'ooh' and 'aah' over the precious blue vase from the Ming dynasty, he is counting the number of postcards he should be buying for friends and family. While mailing postcards, he is thinking about where to take the family to dinner. While having dinner, he is thinking about sleeping. While packing for home, he and his family are making plans for the next vacation.
We are either burying our head in the past, thinking about 'how good it was back then,' or worrying about 'what's going to happen in the future.' Don't tell the present, but it seems that we don't seem to like it very much. We liked it fine in the past when it was the future, and we will like it in the future once it has turned into the past, but we don't care much for it right now.
Someone has said, "The past is history, and the future is a mystery. But the present is a real gift."
Think about it, and make friends with the present.


Didi Ji