Are you feeling that life is a dead end street? Do you have a nagging thought that something has to change? If so, do something about it. Go ahead and change your life. Don't be afraid. As a child you were fearless. When learning how to walk you took a wobbly first step and fell down. You cried, but did not give up. You got up and took another uncertain step only to falter and fall all over again. You tried again and again until you started walking. You were not afraid then; why are you afraid now? 

You may not remember the excitement you felt when you first learned how to walk, but you certainly remember the thrill you experienced when you learned to ride a bike without training wheels, or when you learned to float on your back, or when you learned how to drive. Why are you looking for excuses for not changing your life? Your mind is telling you: family and friends may not approve; you don't know what will happen out there; stick to what feels comfortable. In short, your mind is telling you that you may fail.

Fear of failure is the biggest fear humans have. It debilitates us and cripples us both physically and mentally. It can become so overwhelming that we opt for the same old thing that is not working rather than try something new. If you make up our mind to fail, you will never succeed, and if you decide to succeed, you cannot fail.

You are perhaps waiting for life to change by itself. It will not happen; you will have to make it happen. 

Do it today; God is with you.


Didi Ji