Many people have a terrible time saying 'no' to others. Reason? They may think they are being rude. They may feel guilty. They may not wish to displease others. They may have been conditioned to think that it is wrong to say 'no'. 
Parents who never say 'no' to their children, do their children a great disservice. Their little boy may be playing drums on the neighbor's glass table, but they will smile and turn the other cheek. Their little girl may be treating a sacred place of worship as a playground, but they will laugh and call her 'naughty' instead of telling her firmly not to do so. These parents are conditioned to think that it is wrong to say 'no' to a child.
An acquaintance drops by for a visit and wastes three hours of your time in idle gossip. You are seething inside, but for some reason you do not say, "No, I refuse to listen to this." Someone asks you a favour. You are not able to do it, but you still say 'yes.' You leave her high and dry at the last moment. You did not wish to appear rude and inconsiderate, but you ended up being extremely rude and inconsiderate.
Do you feel you are being very harsh when you say 'no?' If so, soften it up. If a friend is requesting you to babysit her 4-year old and you have to say no, do not answer in the negative immediately. Tell her that you would love to help her out but that you have made previous plans with your family. Refrain from giving lengthy explanations. But if someone is being inconsiderate and deliberately wasting your time, you have no obligation to give explanations or offer apologies. 
You have the right to say 'NO.'


Didi Ji