When you look at someone who exudes confidence, you may think that he or she was born that way. It is a common misconception that some are born confident, whereas others are not. Confidence is not something like a melodious voice which you either have or do not have. It is an acquired skill. You can work on becoming confident. 
Perhaps you are not very sure of yourself. If so, allow me to point out that you are probably overlooking some unique talent you have, such as playing the piano, mimicking others, or making family members laugh. And then there are certain tasks you may be performing very well. It may be driving, cooking, cleaning, swimming or coaching little league. Your confidence in performing these tasks arises due to having a high level of expertise in performing them. If you feel very confident cooking for 25 people at the drop of a hat, it is because you have plenty of cooking experience. If you have been parallel parking your car for two years, you have become an expert in doing parallel parking and do it very confidently. 
The more practice you have in performing a certain task, the more confident you will be while performing it. Therefore, identify the area in which you are not confident. Perhaps that area is public speaking. Suppose you have a presentation at work in a week, and you have zero confidence. What do you do? Do a lot of research on the subject of your presentation. Practice speaking in front of the mirror. Give the presentation in front of family members or a close friend. Visualize yourself giving the entire presentation in a filled room. Know your facts and figures. Leave nothing to chance. In short, prepare yourself well. 
Next, visualize yourself being congratulated and patted on the back for an informative and interesting presentation. It has been proven that your mind starts believing whatever you tell it.
Take the necessary steps to develop confidence.


Didi Ji