We often hold ourselves back, thinking that we cannot do a certain work.  Many women refuse to learn how to drive on the highway, or put gas in the car.  Why? Because they feel they cannot do it. They refuse to learn how to change a tire, because it’s the husband’s job.  Many men refuse to take the initiative to cook a meal or do the laundry. Why? Because it is the wife’s job.

Many times we see something that needs fixing, but we wait for someone else to fix it.  We see work that needs to be done, and we say thatsomeone needs to do it.  We go to the neighborhood park and see litter strewn there.  We express our disgust and wait forsomeone to pick it up.  When we see something is not up to par, we say, “Someone needs to do something about it.”  Who is thissomeone?  It is YOU.    

Next time you see something that needs to be put right, set the wheels in motion.  If you do not know how to do it yourself, find out how to do it. Seek help.

If there is some law that you feel needs changing, take initiative and try to get it changed.  I like the attitude of a freshman I know. She has just started college. The first thing she noticed was that there is too much air conditioning in the dorms.  She is planning to join the Students’ Council and work on reducing the amount of air conditioning each building is using.

If you wish to fix or make improvements in your life, your family, your neighbourhood, your campus, your city, your country or the world, you must take initiative.


Didi Ji