His little girl sees in him a knight in shining armor; full of valor and charisma.  His little boy looks upon him as being mightier than Superman and Spiderman put together; someone who can move mountains and slay dragons.  To his wife he is a good man who takes care of his family, creating a strong role model for his kids and providing a safe and secure environment for them.  He is a father.

He worries that he has not done enough for his family.  He regrets not having provided more for his children. He has no idea how much he is loved and appreciated.  He is an unsung hero. He is a father.

He is proud of his children, but does not express his pride in words.  It is difficult for him to show emotions for he has been taught to be stoic and serious.  He hides his fears and tears. He is a father.

Do not wait for him to tell you that he loves you.  Look for his expressions of love which can be easy to miss.  

This hero of a man needs to be honored and celebrated every day.

Happy Father’s Day !


Didi Ji