Are you one of those people who think that it’s a crime to relax?  Do you feel guilty if you are not running around all the time? Are you of the opinion that you are wasting time unless you are moving around all the waking hours of the day?  

In order to work at their optimum, body and mind both need to relax.  To relax the body, take a 20-minute nap during the day. Make certain that the nap does not last more than twenty minutes.  You will feel wonderfully refreshed. Let us say you have a desk waiting to be cleared, but perhaps you need to step away from it and do some yoga.  The ‘Shav Aasan’ (dead man’s pose) is sure to relax the body and the mind.

Moreover, there is no point in being busy all the time if you are not being productive.  Let’s say you are studying. Of what use is to keep sitting at your desk for hours on end if you are not absorbing what you are reading?  You may have the book in front of you, but it may be serving as a pillow. It is better that you take a walk and return to your studying with an attentive mind.

Everyone relaxes in their own particular way.  For one, reading may be a form of relaxation. For another, it may be a punishment.  One person may find puttering around in the garage very relaxing; for another, this may add to the existing stress.  Cleaning the kitchen drawer may be a form of relaxing for some; for others it may be a dreaded chore.

Learn to relax in the way that suits you.


Didi Ji