You are faced with situations at school, work and at home that test your patience, humility, self-control, and in general, your character.  Someone snaps at you, or puts false blame on you, or speaks harshly with you.  How do you react?  Do you snap back or remain calm?  Do you feel hurt?  Does your blood pressure rise or do you remain normal?  The true test of character is the way you behave when faced with adversity.  We often say, "You know, I am not really like that.  But what can I do?  She made me so angry that I started yelling and screaming."  What does this really say about your character?  If a few words from someone can make you angry, then are you not an angry person?  If someone's behavior can make you fly off the handle, then are you really in control of your emotions?  If you steal whenever the opportunity presents itself, then are you really an honest person?  If someone backstabs you and you reciprocate, then are you trustworthy? 
We are all good in certain situations.  In front of teachers, mentors, employers and other superiors we wish to make a good impression, and therefore we are at our best behavior.  In the temple we are very good and humble.  But how do we behave outside the prayer hall?  When we want something from others, we behave very sweetly.  How do we behave with the person who has nothing to give us? 
We all come highly recommended, by our own mind.  The mind tells us over and over again, "This is not your fault; you are a very good person."  Don't listen to your mind.  To find out what you are all about, observe yourself very closely and scrutinize your daily behavior.  Pay special attention to how you behave when faced with adverse situations.
Test your true character. 


Didi Ji