Has this ever happened to you? You were reading a wonderful book, the type you can’t put down until you finish it. So many great ideas were in the book, and you became truly inspired. You thought, “I am going to use this information to improve myself.” But guess what! A few days later, you couldn’t remember anything much from that book. You lost so much beneficial material because you relied only on your memory.

On a daily basis we hear many words of inspiration from various sources. Even the words of a small child can inspire us. You may be flipping through a magazine that answers a question you may have had on your mind. Listening to a lecture, you may anAha!moment. If you want to retain what you have read or heard, you drastically improve your chance of doing so if you write it down.

Students take notes in the classroom and study from those notes. We have all done this; first in school, then in college. You may say, “But that was when I was a student.” Yes, and you are still a student. We are all students in the University of Life. There is much to learn, so much to absorb. We would do better if we wrote down the important stuff.

Another reason to write things down is to free your mind of too much clutter. You know that if you write it down, you will not be worried about having to remember it. By writing down what you need to remember, you will de-clutter your mind.

So, write it down.


Didi Ji