Make a list of your priorities in life. What is the most important to you? Family? Physical health? Career? Relationship with God? Academics? Once you have made a list, rate the priorities. Is it family first, then career? Or is your career above all else? Is your relationship with God the most important thing for you in life? Take a good look at the list. 
The next step is to identify and note down daily activities that will assist you in meeting your priorities. To enhance your relationship with God, you will need to read biographies of saintly souls, spend time on quiet introspection, meditate on God and listen to spiritual discourses. If your physical health is your greatest concern, you need to exercise, eat right, and get regular medical checkups. If academic excellence is your topmost priority, you need to study, study and study.
You may be astounded at what you discover. You may find that though you have identified 'spiritual progress' as your topmost priority, you are not spending much time with activities that will further your relationship with God. You may have identified 'physical health' as your number one priority, yet the most exercise you get during the day is when you walk to the fridge and flip channels on TV. You say you value academic excellence, yet you may be spending bulk of your time in socializing.
If you don't take the time to prioritize, all your time throughout the day will be used up by less important work which is often more fun, less time-consuming and requires less self-discipline. We tend to do this work first, and procrastinate in doing the more important one.
Set your priorities and work on meeting them.


Didi Ji