Your mind is something which keeps generating desires and thoughts.  Think of it as a factory which is always in production. It is always busy, thinking and desiring something or the other.  An average person thinks 60,000 thoughts per day. 

The question arises: Do we have control over the thoughts which enter the mind, or are we completely helpless in this regard?  Happily, one of the best gifts we have been given is the ability to gain control of our mind. When unwanted thoughts enter the mind, do not think that you have no control over them.  And if desirable thoughts are scarce, do not become despondent. Take solace in the fact that you have complete control over which thoughts are entertained in your mind.

A desirable thought should be invited again and again into the mind.  Invite good thoughts once, invite them twice, invite them a million times.  Gradually your mind will be full of good and positive thoughts. But if you indulge in wrong and negative thoughts, your mind will soon become busy thinking such thoughts.

When a wrong thought enters the mind, stop it immediately.  Do not allow it to come inside even for a moment. Look upon this thought as an unwanted intruder who must be pushed outside right away.  You must throw out this thought. Good riddance!

With good and desirable thoughts, be very generous.  These come to the mind very rarely, and as such you must indulge them properly and give them a grand welcome.  In time you will find that your mind is full of great and wonderful thoughts.
Happy thinking!


Didi Ji