Everyone is being afflicted by sorrow and suffering.  No one is exempt. Physical discomforts, mental suffering, and sorrows afflicted by Nature and living creatures leave their scars on the individual.  Everyone is looking for relief. Everyone needs healing. You can help by using the tools God has given you.

Helping others heal is simpler than you think.  Sometimes a few heartfelt and genuinely kind words can take away years of pain.  An understanding smile can remove the fatigue caused by weeks of physical exhaustion.  A sympathetic embrace has amazing healing qualities that work along with medication and physiotherapy.

Heal someone today by believing in him.  Believe that he will succeed, and let him know what you think.  By simply verbalizing your faith in him, you will exorcise the demons of doubt from his mind, increasing his chance to be successful.

Learn to recognize battle wounds.  The anger your co-worker is showing may be the consequence of a bitter divorce or a recent loss.  The frustration of your child may be due to the bullying she is not telling you about. The agitation of your elderly parents may in fact be the fear of death and dying.  You would be amazed at how much you can do for others by simply caring about them.  

Heal others through words, actions and thoughts.  In the process, you will become healed yourself.


Didi Ji