We learn about extraordinary individuals living in the world and draw inspiration from them.  We read in the papers about war veterans who have lost one arm or both legs in combat and who not only continue to be grateful for what they have, but also help others overcome difficulties.  There are children who are diagnosed with terminal diseases. Rather than complaining about the terrible hand that destiny has dealt them, they offer encouragement and consolation to their family members.  

There are those who are living ordinary lives but show themselves to be extraordinary when the situation arises.  We read about the cab driver who finds thousands of dollars left by a passenger in his cab and turns the money over to the police.  We read about the teenager who risks his own life rescuing a neighborhood boy from being mauled by dogs. We are amazed to hear about a 3-year old child calling 911 and saving his mother’s life.  We read about an ordinary couple adopting dozens of unwanted children and raising them to become productive members of society.

The ones who do great things are not necessarily given medals.  When atrocities were being committed against the Jews during World War II, many non-Jewish diplomats risked their careers by issuing hundreds of thousands of visas to the Jewish people.  Ordinary citizens of various countries risked their lives by hiding Jewish friends and strangers. The partition of India in 1947 caused a great deal of bloodshed. During the riots that ensued, many Hindus and Muslims sheltered each other on both sides of the border that was newly created.

Inspiration is everywhere.


Didi Ji