The last couple of years have been tough for a lot of people across the world. High unemployment, bank bailouts, mortgage crisis and stimulus packages have been all over the headlines. While there are several programs and packages that are not within our control and we have to wait for our respective governments and politicians to figure out how to get the economy back on track, there is one thing that all of us can do. I call it the "Best Stimulus Package". It is very simple and has the potential for tremendous benefits if followed sincerely and on a regular basis. It includes thinking of God.

Our scriptures are full of evidence that the ultimate goal of a human birth is "God realization". It is only then that we will find perfect happiness. Until and unless we achieve this goal, we will continue in the cycle of birth and death. We will be born again, in some life form, in some galaxy and will continue to experience trials and tribulations based on our actions. To get a human life again, we will have to prove to God that we are worthy of receiving another chance and that cannot happen until and unless we make sincere and genuine spiritual progress in this human life.

Attaching our mind to God and thinking about Him requires immense practice and patience. Since our mind is not accustomed to thinking about God, it will rebel and come up with a variety of excuses. However it can be tamed with practice. If we resolve to spend some time every day, away from the hub-hub of life in spiritual pursuit as recommended by a Saint, we will be investing in our future in a "big" way. The benefits can not only be reaped immediately in the form of peace, stronger faith, and joy under any circumstance but in subsequent lifetimes also.

Do not waste time in making spiritual progress. It is the best stimulus package that you can give yourself!


Didi Ji