You may have heard the phrase "Close your eyes to see" before. It has typically been used to teach people strategies on how to reduce distractions of outer influences and focus on the really important task at hand. Once a person closes their eyes, they start the introspective journey of reflecting on what their values are, what their experiences have been, what feels right to them, and helps them make decisions that work for them.
I am going to take you on a different journey though. This is a journey of "Roopdhyan". This is your own personal encounter with God. Just make sure that you have your eyes closed!
This is where you not only choose the location but also the time of your meeting with God. It can be bright and early in the morning amongst beautiful magnificent mountains where you choose the see the sun rise together, the beautiful sandy beaches with blue sparkling water around you where you watch the sun go down, or your own patio where you decide to have a warm cup of tea together after a hard day's work. This is where you see the vivid colors of the flowers in the background, this is where you smell the fragrance of those wonderful flowers, this is where you hear the buzzing of the bees, the chirping of the birds and the pitter patter of the raindrops as you have are having your conversation. This is where you notice the glowing complexion of His skin, you get mesmerized by His perfume, and laugh at how He moves His hands when he is trying to explain you something!
Can you not see all this? If not, close your eyes and try a little harder!


Didi Ji