Deepavali, also called Divali, is coming soon. The festival of lights, celebrated by Hindus and non-Hindus alike, is associated with lighting of lamps, fireworks, gifts, new clothes and delicious sweets. I have fond childhood memories of special sweets made by confectioners at Divali time. These were shaped like horses, elephants and snakes. Made of pure sugar and injected with food coloring, they were very popular with children. What was there not to love? 

In the midst of visits from family and friends; lighting of lamps made of clay; eating and gifting of sweets, and fireworks, it is easy to sideline the real reason behind the celebration. Divali is the celebration of the day Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after defeating the ten-headed Ravan, and people in his kingdom lit lamps to light the path he would take.

Divali time is the time to rid the mind of darkness and bring it into the light. It is the time to slay the demon of ignorance from the mind and welcome God into our heart. It is time to enlighten ourselves. It is time to understand our true self and the true purpose of life. Let there be celebratory fireworks in the heart as it welcomes the Lord inside. Let us taste the sweet fruits of devotion to God.

Get ready for Divali.


Didi Ji