"Just do it". Yes, this is the tag line from Nike that resonates with a lot of athletes. The best way to play a sport is not to master the rules and techniques of the sport before getting on the field to play. Instead, it is to master the sport while playing it. If you have watched a bunch of little kids play soccer, baseball or cricket, you will understand what I mean. They don't understand the rules; they don't comprehend the concept of technique; they just play. Somewhere between running after a ball, having fun, being active, and half-listening to a coach, they begin to figure out the concept of teams, positions, rules, and sportsmanship.
This is yet another lesson we can learn from children. Most of us spend an inordinate amount of time listening to lectures, attending events, and talking about devotion. We barely spend any time practicing it. Until and unless we take some time out of the day and spend it exclusively in the company of God, it is very unlikely that we will get started on the path of devotion and make progress on it.
Just like a good coach teaches a new technique to an athlete at the right time, your Guru will inspire you and place you in a situation that will take you to the next level. Just like a good coach will make you watch the film of previous plays to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, your Guru will ensure that you have the right literature and resources at your fingertips to continue to make progress. A good coach can inspire and motivate but they cannot get on the field and play the game for you. Similarly, your Guru can only guide but you have to do the work.

Now, go ahead and start your daily devotion. Just do it.


Didi Ji