Chances are that most people know someone who needs or has needed a helping hand in life. There are millions in the world whose circumstances prevent them from fulfilling their potential. Maybe you have come across people who could have become well-known singers if someone had helped them. Instead, they are singing in trains in India, begging for a few coins. Maybe you know someone who possesses excellent language skills but did not get a chance to further his education and is now stuck in a dead-end job.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are a person who is stuck in life. There is no hope, no matter where you look. You want to give your family a good life, but you are surrounded by discouragement. Little by little you see your aspirations fade away. Hope gives way to despair, despite all your efforts. Even though you are only imagining all this, you are probably feeling uncomfortable by now. 

A woman told me that she paid college tuition for a young relative whose parents could not afford her studies any longer. With the financial assistance given to her the young lady thrived and excelled. She ended up becoming a valedictorian and thanked her benefactor profusely in her speech. As the woman told me the story, she beamed with pride and happiness.

We are all children of the same God, and it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters. With the direct guidance of my Gurudev, our organization is helping girls in India get higher education so that they may educate their entire family. We are also grateful for the opportunity to build charitable hospitals in the service of all.

Will you take up the challenge to change just one life in 2020?


Didi Ji