There are many choices in life, and as a human you have the freedom to choose. Whenever you find yourself at the crossroads, you can choose the path of anger, path of revenge, path of envy, path of hatred, or the path of love. Choice is yours.

Your choice of path will depend on whether you believe in God. The question is simple and straightforward: do you believe in God? If the answer is yes, you will invariably choose the path of love. Why? Because God is Love. You cannot believe in God without believing in love. You cannot seriously call yourself a believer, and yet succumb to anger, envy, revenge and hatred. If you do, you are fooling yourself. You are not a believer.

Believing in God is more than just saying, “I believe in God.” Your belief in God must become visible in how you react to situations and behave with others. By ourselves, we are all good. When we live in close proximity to people, we are tested and challenged. It may be your own family, but you will be challenged daily. As a believer in God, always choose Love. Is it easy? No. Does it come automatically? No. Is it rewarding? Extremely! Is it enriching? Absolutely! 

When you are confronted with hostility and you react with anger, you give over the power to an individual. Is this the lesson your Father has taught you? Is this what will please Him? Do you not realize that it was never between you and anyone else? It was always between you and God.

Always choose God. Always choose Love.


Didi Ji