• Common courtesy is not very common these days.
  • Fast food and fad diets are both extremely popular with us.
  • After spending an entire day staring at the computer screen, we come home and ‘unwind’ by staring at yet another screen.
  • Instead of enjoying wonders of nature, we get busy taking selfies, photos and videos.
  • We think our meal is so interesting that others would want to see photos of it.
  • We feel the need for a dog (and not God) to give us comfort and love.
  • We work out in the gym daily, but we park our car in the spot closest to the mall entrance.
  • Despite being intelligent creatures, we don’t realize the connection between our food intake and our physical ailments.
  • We are connecting with people half-way around the world but have no communication with our family.
  • We try to recreate the outdoors inside the house, but rarely go, walk or play outdoors.
  • We believe in medication much more than meditation.


Didi Ji