The fundamental truth is that our essence is the soul, which is not black, white or brown. Disregard of this reality gives and has given rise to many biases, prejudices and misconceptions, oftentimes leading to grave consequences. General statements are made out of mistrust and fear simply due to skin color of the individual. Even amongst people of the same race exists a pecking order which has everything to do with color. Lighter color is ranked high even amongst those with brown and black skin.

But, have you also noticed that prejudices based on skin color seem to disappear if the individual is well known? He may be known for his dancing skills; she may be an Academy award winner; they may be super athletes. In such cases, the race issue seems to disappear completely. If he is a movie star wearing a hoodie, he is trying to protect his anonymity. If he is an average joe wearing a hoodie, he is mistaken for a thug. This makes no sense.

Does this mean that we are recognizing something special within some individuals; something that transcends skin color? The answer seems to be ‘yes.’ If this is indeed the case, then every individual has something within which is far more important than color of the skin. Empathy, Tolerance, Humility, Truthfulness, Honesty, Godliness are qualities worth admiring. If you say that it’s impossible to detect these qualities in a person, then hold your judgment.

Finally, there is one point which equalizes us all, and makes us all the same. What is that? God is sitting within every individual; black, white or brown. This in itself makes us all the same. 


Didi Ji