• Morning sunshine reminds us that there is always a new day.
  • Birds in the sky remind us to soar high with aspirations and dreams.
  • Rainfall reminds us of God’s grace being showered equally on all.
  • The ticking clock is a reminder of the passage of time.
  • A flowing river reminds us of the constant flow of life.
  • A moth flying into the fire reminds us not to get burnt with material desires.
  • Serving all creatures by housing and feeding them, the earth reminds us to serve all.
  • By flowing towards and collecting in the lowliest places, water reminds us to be humble.
  • Being able to see, hear, taste, touch and smell reminds us of God who gives us these faculties.
  • Snow reminds us to keep our heart pure.
  • Changing seasons remind us that Change is the only constant in life.
  • Birth of a child reminds us of new beginnings.
  • A flower in bloom is a reminder of our own blossoming.


Didi Ji