Love is a word we have borrowed from the divine realm. God loves us. He says in the scripture Ramayan, “I lovingly take care of you like a mother takes care of her newborn.” Even though the mother’s love is the closest that comes to true love, yet it’s not completely selfless. God’s love is.

He shows His love for you in so many ways. Take some time to reflect on this fact. Who created your body within the body of your mother? It was God! Who provided nourishment when you were hanging upside down in the mother’s womb? God! Who created milk within the mother’s body so that you wouldn’t starve to death? God! Who created grains, lentils, vegetables and fruits for your consumption? Again; it was God.

While loving His countless children simultaneously, He loves you individually. He sits in your heart, taking note of all your thoughts. Without your asking Him to do it, He provides fruits of all your actions. He rewards you for your goodness and punishes you for breaking His laws. Even His punishment is an act of love towards you. He is not a stern God; He is a loving and merciful God. His mercy flows continuously for you. His stock of forgiveness never ends for you.

There is not a single moment that goes by where He is not gazing lovingly at you. He doesn’t even blink His eyes. He has waited an eternity to rush into His outstretched arms, and He will continue to wait. Even when you forget all about Him, He doesn’t forget you. That’s how much He loves you. 

Love Him like a Lord and Master. Love Him like your Mother and Father. Love Him like your Best Friend. Love Him like your Child. Love Him like your most precious Beloved. Love Him so much that your eyes long to see Him, and your heart yearns to be with Him.

Love your true Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Didi Ji