There are two kinds of dreams. One is the dream you have at night as you sleep. This dream is concocted by the unruly mind. What you see, hear, taste, touch, smell and think during the day ends up appearing in your dreams at night, oftentimes in a very warped fashion. You should not attach any importance to such dreams, or waste time trying to interpret them.

The other dream is the one you have in the waking state. It’s your vision in life. It’s all about where you wish to be in life; what you wish to have; what you want to accomplish. Let me be very clear. Having a vision is not ‘wishful thinking.’ Fulfilling a vision requires:
  1. Intense desire
  2. Commitment
  3. Hard work
  4. Positive attitude
  5. Faith in God

It all starts with Desire. You have to want something very badly to be committed to it. If your desire is half hearted, the commitment will also be wishy-washy. It it’s important to you and if you believe in it,  you will stick to it today, tomorrow, next month, next year, and beyond.

After this comes Commitment. When you commit to your vision, you will get out of bed every morning with a plan. Your day will be filled with purpose, and you will put in the hard work with a song in your heart. Hard work will become a pleasure.

As you work laboriously to fulfill your vision, you will go through rough patches. These will come in the form of internal doubts, naysayers, difficult circumstances and financial challenges. All you need to do is to work diligently to fulfill your vision.     
There is no success without failure. Positive attitude puts a healthy perspective on temporary setbacks. Your attitude will determine whether you become encouraged or discouraged by the setbacks.

The last word is ‘Faith.’ Faith in God! This faith will keep you grounded. It will give you warmth on cold days. It will be a cool and fragrant breeze on the hot days. It will keep you company when you feel all alone with your doubts and uncertainties.

Go ahead! Dare to dream!


Didi Ji