Do you know someone suffering from mental disease? Cases are rising at an alarming rate. Every day we hear of so many people falling victim to this debilitating disease. Depression looms like a menacing demon in the mind. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not there. This disease is in your family; it’s in your neighborhood, in your classroom; in your workplace. It’s everywhere.

Previous generations lived differently from how we are living today. We people are living in isolation. Despite so much interaction with the Facebook community and despite being attached at the hip to the smart phone, we are living and dying all alone. The art of conversation is lost to texting. Talking and texting are not the same. Gone are the days when people sat on the porch enjoying lemonade and just talking about whatever. There was no agenda. There was no rush. Kids’ idea of fun was to explore the backyard and discover the wonders of nature.

Today we are living indoors, trying to recreate the outdoors in our homes. Sadly, we have lost touch with Mother Nature. Our children are playing games, but more than likely these are video games. When a child was told by her grandmother to put down her iPad and pluck fruits straight from the tree, the child said, “But why, grandma? We get fruits from the grocery store.” 

Mental disease did not come out of the blue. Our lifestyle has contributed greatly to its rise. Question now is, “What can you and I do about it?” While we can’t help everyone, we can help some, even just one. Talk to people. Give them the gift of time and your company. Go for a walk with them. Play with them. Encourage your children and other loved ones to sit outside, walk outdoors and play outdoor sports. Ask how their day was. Talk about what interests them. Listen to them without distraction. Smile at them. Let them know that someone genuinely cares.

No one should live and die in isolation.


Didi Ji