We wear many masks that hide our reality from the world and from ourselves. We are imperfect but try to look perfect. We are full of vices but try to pass off as being highly virtuous. Our actions belie our words. We say one thing but do something altogether different. 

So, you think you are health-conscious? Look in your fridge and pantry. What kind of foods do you have there? You wish there would be lots of greens and fresh vegetables in the crisper drawer of your fridge, but the drawer seems to be empty. Fact is that potato is your vegetable of choice. What kind of snacks are in the pantry? You wish there to be nuts and seeds. Instead, there are chips, cheese popcorn and candies. Take off the mask of a health-conscious person.

Do you call yourself a family-oriented man? You always say that your wife and children are the most important to you. But ask yourself a question: How much time are you spending with them and on them? You don’t even know your children’s birthdays or name of their school You are always too busy to attend parent-teacher meeting. You haven’t had a meaningful conversation with your spouse for 2 years. You work overtime every week for the welfare of the same family that you don’t have time for. Take off the mask of a family-oriented man.

You say that you are very spiritual. Yet, you are watching one TV show after the other in your free time. You know all about the latest movies. You love to gossip. Faultfinding is a habit you don’t even try to break. You get up late in the morning and get busy with daily chores. There is no time for reflection on the purpose of your being. There is no interest in spending time with God. When you do spend a few minutes with your Creator, you are paying lip service to Him. Take off the mask of a spiritual person.

When you honestly take off one mask after the other you will see your reality. You will then get to see who you really are.


Didi Ji