Some fears are tangible and realistic, such as fear of fire, snakes and scorpions. Because we fear these, we tend to take precautions, which is healthy. What is not healthy is when we are debilitated by an illogical fear. Fear of speaking in public, fear of flying, fear of success, fear of failure, are all illogical fears. Out of fear a person may never take a flight. Many are afraid to try something new, because they are afraid of failing. Many are afraid of success. 
Think of what you are afraid of, and confront your fear. Let's say that you are afraid of flying. Analyze your fear. You are afraid because you fear death in a plane crash. Now look at the statistics which show that the chance of your being involved in a plane crash is one in 11 million. You have a greater chance of being involved in an accident while taking a bath, going for a walk or driving on the highway than being in an aircraft crash. Looking at statistics, you can calm your mind and fly with ease.
Or, you are perhaps afraid of failing. Remind yourself, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." As a child you tried to sit up, stand and walk hundreds of times before you finally succeeded. Now you are an adult; why are you afraid? Perhaps you are afraid of speaking in public. What are you really afraid of? You are afraid of what others may think. Accept that some may like your speech and others may not. If you don't ever try, you will never succeed. It's only by trying that you will improve. 
There is nothing to fear except fear itself.


Didi Ji