These are confusing and scary times; not due to the pandemic we are faced with, but with how we are reacting to it. Fear is not a bad thing, for it keeps us away from danger. However, there are many illogical fears in the mind that are creating a chaotic environment throughout the world. To allay these fears and to make positive use of time, here are some humble suggestions:

  1. Focus on facts about this newest type of Coronavirus from authentic websites such (in USA) (in Canada)
  2. The more informed you are, the calmer you will become.
  3. Take necessary precautions and be safe.   
  4. Do not spend a lot of time talking about the virus and listening to others talk about it on social media.
  5. Use this time to connect with family members and have meaningful conversations.
  6. Bond as a family over early spring cleaning.
  7. Make sure to go for a walk every day and continue your daily exercise regimen.
  8. Have faith that nothing happens without a purpose. Make observations and learn lessons.
  9. Check on your elderly neighbors and see how you can help.
  10. Use this time to catch up on your chores and assignments.
  11. Remind yourself that life can change in less than a moment.
  12. Create a schedule for yourself and for your children.
  13. Don’t forget to laugh every day.


Didi Ji